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El Arag Oasis is now open again for tourists

published on 2022/06/08
Around Siwa

El Arag Oasis is now open to tourists. This site has been closed for over 8 years now. It is a fantastic site full of wonder.


Our prices for 2022 is out

published on 2022/05/30
Pricing Update

We have updated our prices for 2022.

We upgraded

published on 2022/05/28

The old site is a bit complicated to update. Now this website is powered by a powerful CMS. Expect more frequent updates and new content on this website.

Happy New 2020

published on 2020/01/01

We hope that you have an awesome new year, full of joy and travels.

The latest prices for Siwawi for 2020 is updated.

We are also working on a new website that should be ready in February.

Latest pricing for 2018

published on 2018/04/05
Pricing Update

The latest prices for Siwawi for 2018 is updated. The only increases is related to the cost of transport from Cairo/Siwa, which are handled by third party. The cost of Safari by Siwawi remains as affordable as ever.

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