Siwa is safe

published on 2015/11/22

22 Nov 2015 Kids on the way back from Siwa Dates Festival 2015

This has been a rotten month for safety around the world, ranging from the most recent attacks in Mali, Paris and the downing of Russian Metrojet airliner over Sinai.

Brussel was in virtual lock down yesterday.

All these headlines about heart wrenching tragedies do make us feel that it is not safe anywhere. In reality we are in general very safe except for those that live in conflict zones including in countries known for extremely high rate of criminality.

Egypt in general is still a very safe place to visit, even in South Sinai where Sharm and Dahab are located. I myself currently live in Cairo as a foreigner.

Siwa is located 60 KM from the border of Libya. However it is not a border town. There are nothing on the other side of the Libyan border other than miles and miles of desert and Al Jaghbub, a desert oasis village populated by the Berber, which shares tribal connections with Siwa.

This part of the border is also heavily protected by the Egyptian military.

Siwa is safe because it still has a very strong and harmonious bond among tribes and tribal members that live in it. There are families that have known each other for generations and decades. This strong social fabric forms a very strong protective atmosphere within the oasis.

So when have decided to visit Egypt, consider Siwa. It is one of the most beautiful place in Egypt.

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