Discover Siwa Oasis, Egypt

300,000 palm trees, 70,000 olive trees, 300 freshwater springs, 25,000 amazing people

Swim the springs, walk the soft sands, drive the dunes, bike around the lakes, dance to the music, eat amazing food and be merry

Siwa Oasis has been populated since the period of the Alexander the Great when he consulted with the Oracle of Siwa about his future conquests. This Wikipedia entry of Siwa provides historical information about this place.

Fresh water springs can be found everywhere in Siwa. Some fresh water springs become public pools in which tourists and local use to swim (don’t forget your swimwear if you come to visit). The most famous spring in Siwa is called Cleopatra Spring.

Siwa is very green. Palm trees and small farms dotted the landscape thanks to the copious supply of water by springs. It is also surrounded by two large salt lakes.

Siwa is also famously known for its olive oil and dates.

Siwa has very little traffic, which is a combination of donkey cart, bicycles, motorized carts and 4 WD jeeps. You can rent a bike and use it to explore the village. Pollution virtually does not exist since there is no industry in Siwa and everything rely on agriculture products.

Siwa is not a major tourist destination so over-development does not happen here. Accommodations are easy to find and they are never full.

Siwa is enjoyable all year around even in the Summer.

In addition to exploring the various interests in the surroundings of Siwa, people usually take a local desert guide operator to head out to the desert, which is fondly called The Great Sand Sea, due to its mountain high sand dunes.

The cheapest way to reach Siwa from Cairo is by taking the daily bus from bus stations in downtown Cairo. The bus leaves at 9.30 PM and arrives in Siwa in the early morning. For other mode of transportation, check out our extensive Frequently Asked Questions page.