About Siwawi

This page was last updated on Thursday, May 26, 2022

Siwawi organises all kind of desert trips and expeditions within Egypt. We make your desert dream come true. Sleep in the desert enormous sand dunes under the moon and the stars. Warm by the fire while delicious food and Siwan tea are served. Feel always safe and have a wonderful experience that you will never forget!

Siwawi.com aims to provide the most extensive and useful information about travelling and experiencing Siwa in the best possible way, whether independently or with professional local travel groups.

Fathi Abdalla Benhgar

Fathi is a native Siwan and has been running his desert tour operation for the past 15 years. He is a professional desert driver and has extensive knowledge of all deserts in Egypt. He helped support the famous Paris Dakkar rally when it went through Egypt.

He speaks Arabic, Siwi and English. He is a father of two.

Fathi is the owner of Siwawi and runs Siwawi on the ground operations.

Dody Gunawinata

Dody is based in Cairo and has been living in Egypt for many years. He also travels extensively and enjoys living in many different countries (Egypt is his 7th). In his day job he works for SilverKey Technologies.

Dody runs Siwawi online operations for Fathi from Cairo. He is the one answering your emails if you fill up the contact form on this website. He communicates with Fathi constantly and pass the information to you.