Latest pricing for 2015

published on 2015/08/20

We have a transparent pricing policy. So here are our pricing for the rest of 2015. There are some trips that require special pricing. Contact us and we will figure out for you. Transportation from Cairo to Siwa and Back

  • You can take a daily public bus from Turgomen station (the cheapest option at 120LE each way)

  • Private Minibus (seats 14 people) - 2200LE each way

  • Private Sedan (seats 4 people) - 1400 LE (pick up at airport) or 1300 (pick up anywhere in Cairo) each way

Travelling around Siwa

A 4 WD vehicle (seats 4 - 6 people) is 600LE per day. This vehicle can take you anywhere in Siwa, Maraqi and Abu Shuruf area.

Alternatively you can bike, use tuk tuk or donkey cart to explore Siwa and surrounding areas. Accommodation in Siwa

Accommodations in Siwa is diverse. There are places starting as low as 75LE per person. Usually people take hotels within the price range of 220 - 350 per double room. Desert Trip

There is a national park fee that needs to be paid for certain areas in the desert (such as Bir Wahid). It costs 145LE per day per person.

All the pricing listed below is per vehicle. So you can have 3 people or 5 people in the 4 WD vehicle and you will pay the same price.

  • Half Day to the Desert (seats 4 - 6 people) is 600 LE per day. We leave in the afternoon, return after sunset (approx. 4 hours).
  • Full Day Trip to the Desert (seats 4 - 6 people) is 1000 LE per day. We leave 10 in the morning, lunch, get back to town after sunset.
  • Whole Day Overnight(seats 4 - 6 people) is 1500 per day. We leave 10 in the morning and it covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and camping.

Walking Trip

This is a walking trip on the surrounding of Siwa and the desert with Fathi as a guide.

  • 2 days to 5 days.
  • 250 per person per day for Siwa and surroundings.
  • 300 per person in the desert.

Travelling alone

Above pricing is geared towards people travelling in a group. If you are travelling alone, contact us so we can reduce the pricing for you. Usually we can arrange you to join other travellers. Hanging around

If you have time, you do not really have to commit to a specific plan to enjoy Siwa. We will secure your accommodation and you can enjoy Siwa leisurely. You can use our services whenever you feel like it. We have people taking a month or two living in Siwa to write their thesis or take a long Summer/Winter break.

We offer amazing excursions for small and large groups all inclusive (transport from and to Cairo/Airport, lodging, food and desert safari included)