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This page was last updated on Sunday, May 29, 2022

Siwawi is a pets and kids friendly travel outfit. Bring them along to enjoy the fun.

We cook all the food in the desert camp on site and based on organic produce of Siwa. If you have special dietary requirement, just let us know. If you are vegetarian, you will be happy to know that Siwa’s food culture is 85% vegetarian. If you are an alcohol drinker, do not forget to bring your supply from Cairo. It is hard to get them in Siwa.

All our crews are native Siwan and have deep knowledge about the desert and how to drive safely in this beautiful but harsh environment.

We also welcome solo traveler, male or female. Siwa is the perfect place to be if you want seclusion.

We execute the pace of itinerary based on your preference. Some want to take a leisurely approach and some prefer a more energetic tempo. We build the itineraries with a lot of flexibility in mind. Since Siwawi is an independent operation, we have all the ability to adjust programs on the spot to delight you.

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Three nights in Siwa (popular)

This is an all inclusive program including lodging, food and safari in the desert.

Day One

  • Check in to your hotel/accommodation (we handle the booking and the price is inclusive) in Siwa.
  • Explore the Shali Fortress.
  • Explore Siwa with our local guide either on bikes, donkey carriage or car (your pick).
  • Visit the Oracle Temple.
  • Checkout the mountain of the dead.
  • Jump into Cleopatra spring (don’t forget your flipflop and swim wear)
  • Pick fresh dates off the palm trees.
  • Free night in Shali (Siwa town).

Day Two

  • After breakfast, we will head out and explore the towering dunes of the Sahara desert.
  • Visit and swim in fresh water spring in the Sahara desert (The Great Sand Sea).
  • Visit and enjoy soaking in the natural hot water spring.
  • Take on a steep sand dunes and go sand boarding!.
  • Take amazing pictures of the sunset.
  • Jump around and slide down mountain high sand dunes.
  • Visit the fossilized sea.
  • We will set up camp in the desert.
  • Enjoy freshly cooked dinner in the camp site in the middle of nowhere (usual menu is vegetable and slow cooked Chicken – buried under the sand). We also cater for strictly vegetarian diet.
  • Enjoy the sweet Siwa tea.
  • Ride safely with our professional desert drivers.
  • Camp and sleep under the stars. We also set up a cotton tent just in case you need it.

Day Three

  • Breakfast at the camp.
  • We will visit the nearby Zaituna village (famous for olive press).
  • We go to Abu Shuruf for a swim at the Roman freshwater spring and lunch.
  • We will drive to Shali direction and stop by the twin Zaituna Salt Lakes.
  • Head back to the dunes for sunset and to our desert camp.
  • Enjoy freshly cooked dinner for the second night.

Day Four

  • Breakfast at camp.
  • Drive back to Shali (Siwa town).
  • Chill out in Shali and do shopping.
  • Drive back to Cairo.

Time: Three Nights/Four Days

Cross Desert Option

A true challange for the desert enthusiast. This is a sample of actual travel plan that we had with some of our customers.

  • Day One: Depart from Cairo Westwards towards Siwa oasis along the Northern Coast highway passing through the town of Al Alame. Lunch en route. At Marsa Matrouh, we head South towards Siwa. Expected arrival late afternoon. Set overnight on the outskirts of the town.
  • Day Two: Sightseeing in Siwa. Visit the Temple of the Oracle in Aghurmi, where it is believed that Alexander the Great consulted with the Oracle of the Temple of Amun – Mountain of the Dead, comprising tombs dating back to the Twenty Sixth Dynasty. Return for lunch and continued for sunset in Fatnas Island. Return back for dinner.
  • Day Three: Depart from the hotel in the morning to desert visit Bir Wahid hot spring and cold lake over night.
  • Day Four / Day Five / Day Six: Depart from overnight camp through the cathedral dunes and passes towards Ain Dalla oasis and water wells. Overnight camps would be selected en route based on distances traveled during daylight hours and suitability for comfortable overnight camping.
  • Day Seven: Depart from Ain Dalla towards the Eastern White Desert, driving through the Western White Desert. Sightseeing and lunch. Drive into Farafra oasis to visit the Local Heritage Museum & Gallery. A quick dip in the hot spring could be arranged according to schedule. Return to White Desert for overnight camp.
  • Day Eight: Depart from overnight camp North towards AlBahariya along the Bahariya-Farafra road. Brief stop at Crystal Mountain for sightseeing. Proceed to AlBahariya for refueling and lunch. Depart to Cairo. Time: Eight Days / Seven Nights



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Custom itinerary

We can customize a special itinerary for you, either based on the options listed above or a brand new one. Please contact us for further details.

Less Days

For example, if you have only two nights and three days to spare, then we can take one day out of the “Three nights” option either by skipping staying in Siwa for the first day or taking one desert camping out. The price per person off course will go lower.

More Days

If you have a week then Siwa offers wide range of activities in surrounding areas.


If you have a specific budget restriction, let us know so we can fit the itinerary for your budget. If you have larger budget and would like to stay in one of the high end accommodations in Siwa, let us know.

Big Groups

The bigger the groups usually means cheaper price for individual person in the group. On the other hand it will also require minimum 2 weeks of confirmation for you trip so we can make the preparation for the logistics.

Drive your own 4×4

If you have your own 4×4 and would like to drive in the Great Sand Sea, we can arrange the permit for you and attach a guide during your exploration of the desert.

Arriving in Siwa on your own

If you come to Siwa by public or public transport, then we will lower the price your travel itinerary.

Special expedition

We have handled variety of request for special expedition whether it is a National Geographic team or high performance desert rally event such as Paris Dakar. We have also accommodate international teams that perform research or film making with local crew.

Please contact us for your customized travel plan.